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Your Troubleshredder is there for you, whenever you want and when it just makes you feel good

HERE some tips,
so that you use Troubleshredder as optimally as possible

Our philosophy

The "heart" of the Troubleshredder page is the forum where you can write about your own requests and post comments/help on the requests of others.

You have to be registered for this. For registration, a desired name and an e-mail address are sufficient.
The purpose of the registration is to have as many users as possible in the forum who are respectful and benevolent with each other.
If you've written a request in the forum, you decide whether it may even give comments from others or not.
And - most importantly - if someone comments on a request you have made that you do not like, YOU can lock (and unlock) those for all your requests and their comments will be unreadable.
So, if you have written a request, you can protect yourself from incorrect comments and indecent users.

And if a user violates a respectful level with his request, you can report his post when you are logged in.

We think that so 99% of the users on Troubleshredder treat each other respectfully and benevolently.


Your Troubleshredder is always there for you.

But if you are over a longer period of time

  • depressed
  • unmotivated
  • constantly tired
  • desponded
  • infuriated
  • and something similar more,

then you should definitely talk to your doctor about it.
EVERYONE experiences ups and downs in life.
For overcoming some depths, sometimes you just need professional help. Troubleshredder can give you some relief in moments when you need comfort. But speak in such a case necessarily with friends, with your family and with your doctor. So that you'll be fine again soon.

I am happy if you feel good,
Your Tim from Troubleshredder


Use the forum and contact facilities in the registered area to connect with other people who have the same concerns as you. Here you can talk to others and you can help each other.
Please be friendly and good with each other.


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