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Change date: Jan 8, 2018

Your use of services of the Troubleshredder UG (haftungsbeschränkt)- Germany - subsequently Troubleshredder called - are subject the in the following performed terms of use and to the privacy agreements (together in the following "regulations" called).
The regulations form a juridically binding arrangement between you and Troubleshredder with regard to the use of the services. On account of the importance of the regulations you should take time for the careful examination. The regulations are valid without exception for all users (= User).

Troubleshredder may change the regulations from time to time. If such changes are made, Troubleshredder will make a new copy of the regulations accessible.
You take note and agree with the fact that Troubleshredder will treat your use as an acceptance of the changed regulations, provided that you use the services after the date to which the regulations have changed further. Read, hence, please regularly the regulations.

With use of the services of Troubleshredder you agreee with the regulations and accept this. You take note and agree with the fact that Troubleshredder treats your use of the services from this time as an acceptance of the regulations. You may not use the services if you do not accept the regulations.
You agree to keep to all default of the regulations at every time of your use of the services

The services of Troubleshredder are made available as looked at without assurances or guarantees. In particular Troubleshredder does not guarantee that:
a) your expectations are met by using the services,
b) your use of the services will not be interrupted, will occure on time, certainly and freely from mistakes,
c) any information which you receive as a result of the use of the services is appropriate or dependable. Other conditions, guarantees or other regulations (including of each of the implied regulations with regard to satisfactory quality, suitability or correspondence with descriptions) are not applicable for the services or only up to the degree expressly called by the regulations.

The services of Troubleshredder may be used only by people who have completed the 16th year. If you are not already 16 years old, please leave the page. In this case, do not use Troubleshredder services until you are 16 years old.

The use of the services is free of charge, unless the respective service indicates the costs.

If Troublesherdder provides you with a translation of the German language version of the regulations (as here in English language), this will only be done as a service. Decisive for your relation to Troubleshredder is always the German linguistic version. Provided that discrepancies or contradictions exist between the German linguistic version and a translated version, the German linguistic version is decisive.

1. data

1.1 For Troubleshredder the protection of your personal information has high priority. Of course we keep to the relevant data protection acts.
Under "privacy" We inform you on our website about the handling of your data in detail. You agree with the use of the services of Troubleshredder also with the privacy agreements and accept this.

1.2 Personal data of the user are processed electronically.

1.3 Troubleshredder reserves itself to introduce age limits for services as well as to fix additional authentication rules and to define.

2. Upload, enter or post your data (data transferred from the user)

2.1 As a registered user of troubleshredder you can transfer various data (eg comments). You acknowledge and agree that Troubleshredder does not guarantee confidentiality with respect to any user submitted data, whether or not published.

2.2 You keep all property rights in your transmitted data. Regardless of that it is necessary that you put away limited rights of use to Troubleshredder and other users of the Troubleshredder services. These are described under 3. of these regulations closer („ Rights which you grant “)

2.3 You take note and agree with the fact that you are responsible for your transmitted data and the consequences of your postings and publications alone. Troubleshredder does not take over or confirm any data transmitted by the user or some opinions contained in it, recommendations or advice. Any liability of Troubleshredder in connection with data transmitted by the user is expressly excluded.

2.4 You guarantee and warrant that you have all necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions (and will have the entire period of use of the Troubleshredder Services) which are necessary to ensure that Troubleshredder is allowed to use your submitted data for the purpose to provide Troubleshredder services. The same applies to all other data transmitted in any way by you.

2.5 Only those contents and statements may be published, uploaded or transmitted, for which the user has the necessary rights (in particular copyrights and ancillary copyrights). The cessation and distribution of pirated copies is prohibited.

2.6 The Troubleshredder website and all services are protected by copyright laws against duplication and misuse. The unauthorized duplication, distribution or publication of these contents and their imitation is pursued by Troubleshredder by civil law measures, if necessary also by criminal measures..

3. Rights which you grant

3.1 By uploading or enter or posting data - in any type - at Troubleshredder services - below called data entered - you grant -
a) Troubleshredder a worldwide, non-exclusive and toll-free license (with the right of sub-licensing) regarding the use, reproduction, distribution, production of derivative works, issuance and performance of the data entered in connection with the making available the services and otherwise in connection with the making available theTroubleshredder services and business of Troublesherdder, including, but not limited to, promotion, advertising and redistribution of all or part of the Troubleshredder Services (and derivative works based thereon) in whatever media format and distribution channels.
b) to each user of the Website, a worldwide, non-exclusive and toll-free license to access your data entered on the Troubleshredder services, as well as the use, reproduction, distribution, production of derivative works, the display and the performance of such input data in the scope permitted by the functionality of the website and by these terms.

3.2 The prenamed licenses granted by you to entered data are perpetual and irrevocable, but otherwise the rights of ownership referred to above under 2.2 are not affected.

4. Rights and duties of the user

4.1 The user (as well as Troubleshredder) is entitled to terminate the user relationship at any time without giving reasons for free services subject to registration. If you wish to terminate your legal agreement with Troubleshredder, you can achieve this by closing (deleting) your possibly registered user account at Troublehredder on the website and by refraining from using the services of Troubleshredder. Unless you do so, the terms will remain in effect.

4.2 Users of Troubleshredder services are required to comply with legal regulations, in particular not to violate existing law. Above all, every user commits to compliance with the applicable youth protection regulations.
This means, among other things, that the services of Troubleshredder may not be used for unlawful purposes. In particular, it is prohibited to publish, transmit or disseminate content and / or utterances that are unlawful, in particular with offensive, degrading, violent, discriminatory or pornographic content. The call for demonstrations and rallies of any political direction is prohibited. Basically, it is forbidden for the user to put links in any form on the pages of Troubleshredder. The automatic leaving of comments or messages is prohibited. Comments and messages always have to be written in the language in which the user is currently on the Troubleshredder pages.

4.3 In addition, the use of offensive content, ambiguous names and other representations, is prohibited whose illegality is suspected but can not be conclusively determined. Also prohibited are insults, slander and the anything like this.

4.4 User activities designed to disable or at least make difficult the use of Troublehredder services are prohibited and may be prosecuted under civil and criminal law. In particular, measures that could influence the physical and logical structure of the services are prohibited.

4.5 The Troubleshredder services may not be used by the users for commercial purposes. The commercial or private offering of goods or services is prohibited to the user. In particular, the user may under no circumstances put links in any form on the pages of Troubleshredder. The user may not refer to the websites of Troubleshredder to other websites or services.

4.6 Ecards may not be used by the user for advertising or other commercial purposes - in the broadest sense. This applies to all activities aimed at generating revenue, in particular monetary revenue, or customer acquisition. In case of infringement Troubleshredder expressly reserves the right to exclude the user without notice from the use of all services and to initiate legal action against the user. The recipients must not be bothered by ecards. Ecards may only be sent if it can be assumed that the recipients do not feel bothered by the card reception. Troubleshredder is not obliged to check the contents, but reserves the right to undo the publication (dispatch) of Ecards, if there are concrete indications that the e-card contents are against the aforementioned points, against legal requirements, official prohibitions, rights of third parties or offend against the good manners. It is not permitted to duplicate, reproduce and/or distribute ecards in whole or in part on other websites. In particular, it is not allowed to modify ecards in any form, to remove copyright notices and to carry out similar manipulations.

4.7 Forums, blogs and all other means of communication among the users on the site may expressly not be used by the user for advertising and other commercial purposes - in the broadest sense. This applies to all activities aimed at generating revenue, in particular monetary revenue, or customer acquisition. In case of infringement Troubleshredder expressly reserves the right to exclude the user without notice from the use of the services and to initiate legal action against the user. In particular, the user is in principle prohibited to set links in any form on the pages of Troubleshredder. Entries in forums and all other ways of communicating among users must not harass or offend other users.

4.8 You acknowledge and agree that, while using the services, you may be subject to the transmission of other users who are in fact incorrect, offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable to you. You agree and hereby waive all rights and remedies available to you in relation to such user submissions to Troublehredder.

5. Rights, obligations and liability of Troubleshredder

5.1 Troublehredder does not conduct a review of the publicly distributed content and utterances of users prior to their distribution, transmission or publication.

5.2 Troubleshredder provides services that are intended to be beneficial to the well-being of the user and to give him pleasure. Troubleshredder's services DO NOT provide any medical help or advice and can not substitute for necessary medical or psychological assistance. Each user is responsible for his own well-being. A liability of Troubleshredder for the well-being of the user in the widest sense is excluded.

5.3 The user is responsible by his own for the nature and extent of the use of Troubleshredder services. In particular, any liability of Troubleshredder for damages of any kind incurred by the user due to excessive or irresponsible use of the Troubleshredder services or by the conduct of third parties - e.g. other users of the services of Troubleshredder - arise, is excluded. Troublehredder advises against using the Troubleshredder services if the user does not feel comfortable doing so.

5.4 Troubleshredder reserves the right (but is not under any obligation) to decide whether user submissions comply with the content requirements as contained in this regulations. Troubleshredder may at any time, without notice and at its sole discretion, remove any such user submissions that violate the regulations and/or block the access of a user required to upload user content. Troubleshredder expressly reserves the right, in its sole discretion, in the event of a violation of the regulations and conditions set forth in clause 4 of these provisions, to exclude the user without notice from the use of the services and, if necessary, to take legal action against the user.

5.5 Troubleshredder may terminate user access and its legal agreement with the user at any time. Especially without notice and deadline if:
a) the user has violated any requirement of the regulations (or behaved in a manner that clearly indicates that the user is not willing or able to comply with the provisions of the regulations),
b) Troubleshredder is required by law (eg, if the provision of the services to you is or becomes illegal); or
c) Troublesherdder is changed over to no longer provide services to users in the country in which the user resides or from which the user uses the services; or
d) the provision of the services to the user by Troubleshredder in the opinion of Troublehredder is no longer economically viable.

5.6 The above provisions do not exclude or limit the liability of Troubleshredder which can not lawfully be excluded or limited under applicable law

5.7 Without prejudice to the general requirement set out in point 5.6 above, Troubleshredder is not liable for:
a) any indirect or consequential damages that you incur. This includes any loss of profits (whether direct or indirect), any loss of goodwill or business reputation, and any loss of data you have suffered.
b) any loss or damage that you may suffer as a result of:
- any changes in Troubleshredder services, or any permanent or temporary cessation in providing the services (or any functions within the services);
- the deletion, damage or storage errors associated with user submissions and other communications data be obtained or transmitted in your use of the services or through them
- your failure to provide Troublemaker with applicable information regarding the user account;
- your failure to keep your password or details about your Troubleshredder user account secure and confidential.

5.8 The limitations of Troubleshredder's liability to you, as set forth in point 5.7 above, shall apply regardless of whether Troubleshredder has been advised of or aware of the possibility of such losses occurring.

5.9 Troubleshredder may - but does not have to - allow users to obscure comments, forum posts, postings, etc. by other users regarding to the user postings. Furthermore, Troublehredder may - but does not have to - give users the possivility to block and exclude other users from the ability to post comments, forum posts, postings, etc. on the user postings in the future.

6. Links of Troubleshredder

6.1 The Troubleshredder services may contain hyperlinks to other websites that are not owned or controlled by Troubleshredder. Troubleshredder has no control and assumes no liability for the content, privacy policies or activities of external websites. Troubleshredder assumes no liability for the content of external links. The content of the linked pages are the sole responsibility of their operators.

6.2 You acknowledge and agree that Troubleshredder is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources and does not take over and does not endorse any advertisements, products, or other materials which are directly on or available through such sites.

6.3 You acknowledge and agree that Troubleshredder is not responsible for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of the availability of such external web sites or sources or as a result of your trust in the completeness, accuracy or the existence of any advertising or products other materials that are available on or available through such websites.

6.4 Troubleshredder encourages you to be vigilant when leaving Troubleshredder's website and to read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of any other website you visit.

7. Termination / cessation of services

7.1 Troubleshredder reserves the right to change services of the site at any time or to change settings or cessate. This also includes a change of regulations. In particular, Troubleshredder reserves the right to introduce and charge a fee for individual services. In this case Troubleshredder will inform the user in advance. A cost obligation for the user occurs only if he expressly agrees. In the introduction of the cost of a service the user therefore always has the choice to agree to this charge or stop using the service.

7.2 Both Troubleshredder and the user are entitled to terminate the use of free services which can be used only by user registration without giving any reason at any time and without notice or deadline.

7.3 This does not affect the termination rights of Troubleshredder as mentioned in point 5.

7.4 If the user defaults on his payment obligation for components of the service provided for payment Troubleshredder is entitled to suspend further services for the user, including those free of charge. This happens in particular in order to prevent the user from using further paid services.

10. Final provisions

10.1 This Agreement or the use of the Troubleshredder services does not create any joint venture partnership, employment or agency relationship between Troubleshredder and the respective user.

10.2 Excluded from the conditions are explicitly as "third party services" identifiable services that are not offered by Troubleshredder itself but by a third party. For these services, only the general terms and conditions set by the third party apply (see also point 6 "Links of Troubleshredder")..

10.3 These terms (these regulations) constitute the entire legal agreement between you and Troublehredder, govern your use of the services and supersede any prior agreement between you and Troublehredder regarding the services.

10.4 Notification of your contractual relationship with Troubleshredder and your use of the services, including notices of changes to these terms (regulations), will be sent to you by Troubleshredder in free choice of Troubleshredder either by e-mail, regular mail or in postings at the Troubleshredder website.

10.5 You agree that the non-exercise or non-enforcement of any rights or remedies provided by the regulations or which are favor to Troubleshredder under any applicable law does not constitute a formal waiver of the rights of Troubleshredder and that such rights or remedies still remain for Troubleshredder.

10.6 The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. The application of UN sales law is excluded.

10.7 The provisions (regulation) and your relationship to Troubleshredder under the provisions (regulations) should be judged according to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. You and Troubleshredder agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of German courts for the settlement of all legal disputes arising from or in connection with the provisions (regulations). Notwithstanding, you agree that Troubleshredder may invoke the remedies (or similar types of urgent remedies) for omission in any jurisdiction.

10.7 If any court having jurisdiction decides that any provision of these regulations is ineffective, this provision shall be excluded from the provisions (regulations) without affecting the validity of the remaining provisions. The remaining provisions of the regulations remain effective and applicable in this case. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision which corresponds as closely as possible to the original intention..

Change date: Jan 8, 2018